AAI St. Louis Legal Support Services
 AAI St. Louis Legal Support Services

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A.A.I. St. Louis legal Support services of Missouri - investigations, court services, process service

1994 -

At our inception we were a document retrieval company. With second generation investigative management at our helm, we steadily grew and expanded into other sectors of our industry.

1997 -

Our Private Investigations and Process Service division was in full swing, with a mission statement that was quite simple.  "To be a Leader in Our Industry. To Hold Ourselves to The Highest Standards, both in Performance and Ethical Behavior; and to Exceed Our Client's Expectations."

1999 -

We contracted to The City of St. Louis Circuit Attorneys Office (Prosecuting Attorney) for Process Service. Pleased by our performance we soon became the only private provider of process service; by increasing the process service proficiency we increased the case load the attorneys office could handle.  While serving over 2000 summons per month we decided that it was time to expand our office, and we moved into a new larger office.

2000 -

A Detective Agency License was issued through St. Louis City and a Security Service License through Metro St. Louis Police Partnership.

2002 -

The Circuit Court and Prosecutors Office asked if we would execute Civil Contempt Arrest Warrants, we accepted and were quickly executing Arrest Warrants for the court. This program was so successful that it lead to us receiving an additional contract within the White Collar Crime Division, we also expanded our data services at this time.

2003 -

We increased the number of counties that we handled directly, to include not only St. Louis but the Eight Surrounding Counties in the Bi-State Area as well. Our Security Services department added Personal Protection to their list of services this same year.

2005 -

We began a concerted effort to increase our presence in the Corporate Sector and soon had a large number of new corporate clients for Private Investigations and Process Service. We also started offering translation services as part of our support services.

2007 -

Property Assistance was incorporated into our Data and Asset Location Program. Helping clients with a hands on approach to property asset management at an economical rate has allowed this sector to grow at rapid pace. We continue to add new clients to our list of Law Firms, Real Estate Companies and Collection Agencies on a regular basis.

2009 -

We celebrated our 15th year of service.

2010 -

Missouri began for the first time to issue a Private Investigators License, valid throughout the state. We are now licensed by the state not local municipalities.


As always we strive to acquire new clients everyday; and to keep our existing clients extremely pleased with our services; and by adhering to this philosophy we expect to be around for many years to come.

Over the years our service areas have evolved, currently 45% of our business is performed for Attorneys & Law Firms, 20% for all other Corporate Clients, 20% for the  Government Sector and 15% for Private Individuals.

Our Goal is Simple - Complete Client Satisfaction.